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Admire your shadow and wink at your reflection – shaping and skin firming technology adorned in lace tapers your curves from the waist down.

A faithful foundation to any outfit, the Top Model Full Body Shaper in skin controls the stomach, hip and leg line for an all-over shapely silhouette. The lace on this control underwear not only adds a feminine touch but also eliminates any bulges. And while you’re out and about enjoying your smooth curves, the microfibre releases caffeine, retinol, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to nurture and firm your skin. Nude shapewear is the perfect fit for every outfit.

  • Adornments: Lace inserts at the base of the leg

  • Highlight: Microencapsulated microfibre backed by 10 years of research for firming skin and reducing cellulite

Top Model Full Shaper - Skin

  • 16R671 Skin

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